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About Us

24K Labs manufactures the highest quality and most rigorously tested cannabis products in Oklahoma. Our company provides complete, turn-key manufacturing services to some of the top national brands in cannabis. We specialize in working with brands who are interested in entering the Oklahoma market, one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the U.S., to manufacture their products under strict S.O.P.’s that comply with the highest standards of cGMP processing.

From gummies, tarts, taffy, elixirs, vapes, mints, and topical products, our 30,000 square foot facility can do it all.

Quality Without Compromise

From ingredient selection to the final development of your specific project, our strict adherence to quality SOPs guarantees a consistent, top quality product in every batch.

Premium Quality

Full Traceability

Natural Ingredients


24K Labs offers custom topical cream, ointment, and lotion manufacturing adhering to strict cGMP standards. Whether we are working with your team to develop a new product or utilizing an existing product formulation for launch into the Oklahoma market, our team is ready to assist.


From infused tinctures, gummies, tarts, candies, and taffy, the team at 24K Labs can do it all. Utilizing techniques ranging from hand pouring to utilization of our gummy depositor and tablet press, our team can accomplish a wide range of oral and edible manufacturing under the strictest cGMP standards.


As a leading producer of premium e-liquids in the state of Oklahoma, 24K Labs is uniquely positioned to offer a range of services to meet your e-liquid, vape manufacturing needs. Utilizing our Thompson Duke or Shark equipment, 24K Labs provides full-service manufacturing to support your existing proprietary e-liquid formulas.

Partnership Inquiries

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing brand or just entering the cannabis space, our contract manufacturing services can help get you started in Oklahoma. Contact us via the link below for more information.

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